About Us 

Ariel ~ Sticky Little Candy Girl is not alone in glazing her eyes on the colourful handmade STICKY candy pinking away scattering all over flooding with glittering colourful candy. Together with her passionate family who are amongst the group of Candy Artisans engraving all types of wonderful memoirs making each candy unique.

Simply striving to be better in each every Pulls, Folds, Stretch and Rolls as STICKY Candy takesits shape with Joy for our Fun Loving Fans is what we hope for. Memoirs your lovely moments with STICKY Candy is just an App or Twit away would be our hope that you would share with your Lovely Loved Ones.

Taking only the best of each ingredient ensuring Quality of each Candy Making as always and is in our hearts for the best for each and every making All Fans smiles.

 Candy is… 

Some Sweet Little Confectionery is nice and sweet for Each and Every One of Us to enjoy at any time, place, occasion… in sweetness, happiness, joy…. including to someone us calmness, peace and pleasure.

History shared with us that the sweetness ingredient came from the very sugarcane we have all around the world which was cultivated and process into sugar which is now the very part of our lives. The New Guineans, Chinese, Indochinese and Indians probably the earlier people and before you know it, Persians and the Arab world including the Western World came to join in for the sweetness which is today as SUGAR.

Our fellow Malaysians made very authentic Candy and then came along STICKY having  beautify, flavoured with wonderful coloured designs depicted STICKY Candy ~ Traditionally Handmade.

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